Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tax Forfeit Property in Rogers

March 9th, 2009
Tax Forfeit Property in Rogers

A developer asked me to help him with his property tax appeal for his lot in
Rogers a small community on the I-94 corridor between Maple Grove and St.
Michael. While I believed the lots were overvalued by the assessor,, the
developer had not paid his 2008 property taxes so he cannot file his appeal
until he gets those up to date. He was not alone. This this small community
in Hennepin County there are 200 parcels recently certified as tax forfeit!
Most of them vacant residential lots.

A community as small as Rogers, with these non payment of property taxes
along with cuts from the State, must really be hurting for 2009.

Hennepin County doesn't take them right way. There is a redemption period
which is 3 years, or until May 11, 2012 for non homestead property.
Homestead property and property in a township get a 5 year redemption
period, or until May 11, 2014 before the County takes title to the property.

The irony is, if these lots were actually worth their assessed value at
least some of them would have sold, enough to pay the property taxes on the

If your property taxes are paid, or could be brought up to date, you still
have time to appeal your 2009 property tax assessment-but time is running
out. Don't wait until April 30th to file. Leave yourself enough time to
understand if there is data to support your property tax appeal.

Send me you property locations and PIDs for a free, quick look to see if a
property tax appeal makes sense for you.

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