Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cap and Trade will Hurt Real Estate

July 2nd, 2009
URGENT! The New Cap and Trade bill will Hurt Real Estate

I'm all for green. I rode my bike to the local farmers market today. I'm a
vegetarian. I live in a solar/earth berm home. But this CAP and Trade
legislation is scary.

The 1,400-page cap-and-trade legislation approved by Congress contains a new
federal policy that residential, commercial, and government buildings be
retrofitted to increase energy efficiency, leaving it up to the states to
figure out exactly how to do that.

This means that homeowners, for example, could be required to retrofit their
homes to meet federal "green" guidelines in order to sell their homes, if
the cap-and-trade bill becomes law.

The new legislation that passed through the House had inserted into the bill
a new NATIONAL BUILDING CODE that would give the federal government power
over local building codes.

When we are starting to see some recovery of our real estate market this is
the last thing we need.

In addition to hurting real estate it will cost many jobs and increase YOUR
cost to heat YOUR HOME and gas up YOUR CAR.

Contact your congressperson and ask them to vote NO on cap and trade.

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