Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its Spring, and a young man's thoughts turn to.....

May 23rd, 2007
1) Its Spring, and a young man's thoughts turn to.....

a) Romance

b) Fishing

c) Golf

d) Wetlands

Answer: d)-if he wants to get his development in the ground...

2) Wetlands can be delineated

a) anytime

b) only after it rains

c) during the "growing season" (typically late April through late September
or the first frost)

Answer: c) Wetlands delineations conductedother than the "growing season"
are typically not approved by wetland regulators.

3) You, too, can be a wetland delineator!

a) True

b) False

Answer: a) True. Unlike Appraisers or hair stylists, wetland delineators are
not licensed in Minnesota.

4)Name the three characteristics that are used to determine a wetland:

a) mosquitoes

b) open water

c) soil

d) cattails or other vegetation

e) water within the top 12" of soil at least 10 days during the growing

Answer: c, d & e: All 3 of these must be present to have a wetland: hydric
soils, wetland vegetation and water within the top 12" of soil at least 10
days during the growing season. Open water is NOT required for wetlands and
mosquitoes are optional.

5) An LGU stands for:

a) Large Government Unit

b) Lake Group Unity

c) Local Government Unit

Answer: c) The LGU is the local government unit that is responsible for
regulating wetlands for your development. It may be the City, or the
WaterShed. Every place is different.

6) Once the LGU approves your wetland delineation and grading plan your
wetland approval process is complete:

a) True

b) False

Answer: b: False. You can have approval from one agency, such as the local
watershed, and another, such as the Army Corps of Engineers, denies approval
and stops your development from going forward.

7) How many government agencies regulate wetlands in Minnesota?

a) 10

b) 38

c) 72

d) hundreds,too many to list

Answer: d) Too many to count including cities, watersheds, the state of
Minnesota, the Army Corps of Engineers, the EPA. And they each have their
own rules.

8) Wetland delineators determine how many acres are wetland.

a) True

b) False

Answer: b) False. The wetland delineators mark the wetland boundaries. Then
a surveyor must come out to map out the wetlands and determine their size.

9) A psiometer is:

a) a video game

b) a parking meter

c) a specially designed well used to measure the water table

Answer: c). Sometimes wetlands are hard to determine, especially if standing
water is not apparent. So psiometers are installed to monitor the water
table. Readings are especially important after its rains to see if the water
drains away or stays.

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