Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Propaganda in Real Estate Journal

May 5th, 2009
Propaganda in Real Estate Journal

On the east side of Maple Grove, tucked behind the Osseo School District
Admin building, is a sad little strip center built in 1981 called Zachary
Square. Why would someone build a shopping center that has no exposure?
Because its on the right of way for Highway 610. Nearly 30 years later, the
highway will finally get there.

It took nearly 10 years for The City of St. Michael to get approval for an
exit ramp on I-94 and Naber Avenue. Approval-yet no funding.

Highway improvements take a long time to become reality.

The front page of this month's Minnesota Real Estate Journal proclaims (in
an article that mysteriously lacks a byline) "Congressman Paulsen labels
I-94 interchange development as 'high priority'. " And goes on to describe
that the Congressman is requesting $800,000 for 2010 appropriations. The
article than INFERS that the Congressman is "referencing...Stones Throw, a
630 acre mixed used development" And the article ends with this statement:
"reasonable optimism would point to groundbreaking the new Brockton Lane/
I-94 interchange in the late 2010."

Contrast the Real Estate Journal report to the April 23rd article in the
Champlin Dayton Press: "Project supporters are grateful for Paulsen's
$800,000 appropriations request...a positive step toward the $25 million to
construct the interchange; however, they realize there's still quite a road
ahead to see the project come to fruition."

To state the ramp will likely break ground next year is just pure propaganda
by Real Estate Journal-- as opposed to the journalism we have a right to
expect from this publication.

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