Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Listing Agents Dilemma

September 23rd, 2009
Listing Agents Dilemma

I don't typically list houses. But when Mrs. Seller called me about selling
her home on 40+ beautiful lakefront acres, I said OK. Its one of the
prettiest parcels I've seen, fronting a 242 acre recreational lake. And one
of the unique features is there are only 2 other houses on the entire lake,
as much of the lake is within Carver Park Reserve.

The other unique feature is, in addition to the well maintained main house,
is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath lake front guest house. And, while it feels
completely rural, a brand new grocery store and Target are just a few
minutes away.

The Sellers are really nice people. But homeowners, especially long time
homeowners who built the house, are typically emotional about selling. I so
wanted to tell them to remove the rugs that are covering the pretty pine
floors throughout the house. But I'm sure they have memories attached to
every rug. I tried to be subtle, rolling up the rug to take a photo of the
floor. But I chickened out at suggesting they lose the rugs.

And the old fashioned curtains covering the most amazing views from all
sides of the house! I just wanted to rip them down! When I strongly
suggested they open all the window treatments for showing appointments she
said she would. That they keep them closed to keep out the heat.

While its a nice house, its the land that will sell the property. Which is
why I took the listing.

The Listing Agents Dilemma-keeping your client happy while having time to
market their property.

Mrs. Seller calls me at least once a day and I'm getting frustrated. I told
her homes in this price range typically don't sell quickly-and its only been
a week! (Though I did get an inquiry from another agent already). How can
she expect me to have time to market her property when I'm spending my time
talking to her on the phone? But she's so nice. My friend, a veterinarian
with many frantic pet parents (including me, between the parrot, 3 cats and
2 bunnies), had an excellent suggestion for dealing with the phone calls. To
set up a weekly phone call time to deal with all of her issues. I'll try
that next time she calls-which will probably be today!

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