Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm a happy landlord

I'm a Happy Landlord!

As my closing approached for the beautiful townhome in Chanhassen, I placed a for rent ad on Craig's List. When I did my original projections it was based on a rent of $1,300 a month. And there were two other three bedroom townhomes advertised in the area at $1,300.

I knew my townhome was a superior location and floor plan. So I tossed it on Craig's list at $1,475 on a Friday evening. And got two calls right away--though they wanted an April 1st move in and I was looking for March 1st. But I was excited and told my friend who I copied the rental townhome strategy from.

“Laurie,” he told me. “It usually takes 15 showings to get a signed lease.”

Two days later I get a call from a wonderful woman, newly divorced, with three teenage girls who specifically wanted to live in the my Oak Hill townhome neighborhood in Chanhassen. Her marital home was close by and the girls' dad lived just down the road, with his new young honey and baby boy. Same schools for the girls, close to their friends and sports. This townhome is close to EVERYTHING, at the intersection on Highway 5 and Powers Blvd.

My closing was delayed three days due to the Texas storms, as the seller was Freddie Mac from San Antonio.

For some odd reason, Freddie Mac does not pay deed tax when they sell property.

Got the signed papers from Freddic Mac at 4:00. And the lease was signed at 8:00 that evening.

So the seven month search for the perfect townhome was not wasted. I wouldn't have immediately recognized how special this one is. I paid $4,100 over list price because there was another offer. If I hadn't seen all the others first I would have probably bid too low and lost it.

I'm getting about a 12.5% rate of return. Given both the real estate and financial markets, I'm pleased with that. So I'm a happy landlord!

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