Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Dealing with CitiMortgage

On Monday, November 8th, I submitted a full price offer for a townhome owned by CitiMortgage. On Wednesday, November 10th, Citibank accepted my price and closing date, yet completely ignored the standard MN Realtors Purchase agreement I submitted. They sent me their counter offer to substitute for my offer. Except their counter offer ignores Minnesota Law.

These are some of the provisions in their UNSIGNED counter offer I objected to in writing with my counter to their counter:

a) I must complete any inspections in five days – without any assurance they would turn the natural gas and water back on so I know if I'll have heat and water pressure. The practice of winterizing homes makes it difficult to evaluate them.

b) Use their title company, who is not named in the contract. CitiMortgage will only provide a Limited or Special Warranty Deed, which means they are only responsible for title issues that occur while they own the property. Given they acquired it from a deadbeat investor who walked away from dozens of mortgages, after collecting the rents and stealing the appliances, title insurance is a very big concern. Who knows whatever title issues may creep up? This makes my choice of title insurance provider even more critical.

I also requested they replace their lengthy title language with the title language that is in the standard Minnesota Purchase Agreement.

c) This is a big one. Seller won't pay any prorated property taxes or assessments. I discovered the unpaid taxes, with penalty, are $2,231. I imagine the $1,740 HOA dues for 2010 are not paid either, but haven't seen that information because CitiMortgage refused to provide it. They are asking me to eat nearly $4,000 with a full price offer.

The listing agent tells me Minnesota State Law requires seller to pay taxes at closing so the language doesn't matter. WRONG, as verified by the Realtor's Legal Hotline. MN law requires taxes be must paid up to date to deed property, it does not specify WHO pays them.

d) Omits Minnesota Statutory Language for Seller to provide updated Homeowners Association documents and for buyer to have 10 days to examine them.

e) “Buyer acknowledges receipt and review of the “Home buyer’s Guide to Common Environmental Hazards”. Never got this, though I didn't object. If there were environmental concerns on a 10 year old townhome built on a former farm field in Maple Grove, I believe they would have surfaced by now.

f) I objected to their requirement for Arbitration as the only method to settle any disputes.

The agent tells me CitiMortgage is unlikely to sign my counter, but he submits it anyway.

Today, 12 days after I submitted an offer for closing that is suppose to happen in two weeks, the agent calls me. He said that CitiMortgage will allow me to use my own title company, as long as I pay for it (they pay if I use theirs). The agent tells me that CitiMortgage “can't” change anything else on their contract. “Can't” or “won't”? He assures me that CitiMortgage always pays the property taxes (same guy that told me yesterday MN State Law says they HAVE to pay the taxes), yet they refuse to delete that line from their agreement that says CitiMortgage won't pay the taxes or assessments.

They won't agree in writing to restore the natural gas and water for my inspection, though they agent claims they will do this. They willfully violate Minnesota Law by not providing me the HOA docs and 10 days to review them.

So I walked. And next time before I decide to even look at a bank owned property, I'll first ask if its owned by CitiMortgage.

If you want a copy of the CitiMortgage document I'm happy to send it.

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  1. Hi Laurie,

    I wish I have found your blog earlier before I start to deal with CitiMortgage. I am just wondering can you send a copy of those CitiMortgage document to me?