Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greenfield: The Saga Continues

Greenfield: The Saga Continues

When we last visited this former bucolic town on the western plains of
Hennepin County:

*a city councilman brought his gun to a Council meeting

*the League of Minnesota Cities had cut off their insurance policy

*Mayor "Queen Jill off with their head" had resigned

*Jill's cronies, "The Mad Hatter" Mark Lee and his buddy Howard Veldhuizen
are still on the council

What's new in Greenfield today? Even with Queen Jill abdicating her throne,
Greenfield continues to amaze and entertain us.

*They are still trying to pass a Comp Plan which requires a 4-1 vote,
something you have to go through The Looking Glass to find in Greenfield.

*Resident and Developer Chuck Alcon filed a Data Practice Request with the
City asking for the cell phone records and emails between the three during
the period they served on the Council together, suspecting violations of the
Open Meeting Laws.

*In response, our "Wonderland Trio" filed a suit against the City of
Greenfield, proposing remedies in excess of $50,000 apiece relating to the
data requests.

The council rounded up their remaining three votes to hire attorney Paul
Reuvers, an expert in Open Meeting Laws, who believes the trio violated

As these costs are not covered by insurance, all property owners will be
contributing. The Plaintiffs, win or lose, will be responsible for some
portion of the mounting fees.

"The people", says attorney Reuvers, "who are bringing this suit are,
effectively, suing themselves."

Greenfield, like many lawsuits clogging our court system, is driven by
emotions that are out of control. Instead of calling in the lawyers,
Greenfield should have called The Sant Rajinder Sing Maharaj, who will be in
town this coming weekend.

The Sant Rajinder Sing Maharaj was invited to speak on promoting peace to
the United Nations at their 50th anniversary. And he had them meditating.

Daily meditation calms the emotions.

Functional MRI studies have demonstrated that the frontal lobe, the part of
the brain where critical thinking occurs, actually grows larger with regular

Meditation helps you make decisions based on fact, not emotions.

Meditation improves your concentration.

Physical benefits include lowered blood pressure, decrease headaches,
stronger heart, better sleep and stronger immune system.

Meditation helps you decrease anxiety and increase happiness. And decrease
frivolous lawsuits.

You don't have to go off and live in a cave. Or even a formerly peaceful
place like Greenfield. You can experience these benefits any physical place
by sitting quietly 15 - 20 minutes a day. Like golf, you need to learn the

This weekend is your chance to sample meditation at 2 FREE talks by The Sant
Rajinder Sing Maharaj, an internationally known meditation teacher.

This amazing man is trained as an engineer and worked at Bell Labs in
Chicago before succeeding his father and grandfather as the head of Science
of Spirituality, an international non denominational organization that
promotes meditation. (www.sos.org)

I had the privilege of attending his talks last summer at VeggieFest in
Chicago. Its been 15 years since he has visited Minnesota and many will be
traveling to Minneapolis for these events. So don't miss this chance to
attend one of his FREE talks this weekend:

Saturday, July 10th, 2:30 Hindu Temple, 10530 Troy Lane, Maple Grove

Topic: "Lasting Happiness and Peace"

Come at noon for a free vegetarian lunch and see the largest Hindu Temple in
North America. Note: there are many events at the Hindu Temple going on
Saturday as part of their Anniversary Celebration. Come early. You may need
to park on the street. Shuttles will be available.

Sunday, July 11th, 2:30 Crown Plaza Hotel, 11 East Kellogg, downtown St.

Topic: "Unfold Spiritual Secrets"

Questions on the programs? Call Laurie at 763-420-4757.

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