Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Whack Job Green Assessor

The Whack Job Green Assessor

Couple buys a big home in a historic neighborhood and renovate it . They
drive an SUV. The assessor comes to inspect the home arriving on his
bicycle, all decked out in Spandex, in the middle of January. The assessor
kept making comments that the renovations weren't "green enough". He fairly
adjusted the pay 2010 value to reflect the actual costs of the renovations.

No further work was done on the house.

In 2008 the assessor returns, knocks on the door, and the couple's 3 year
old lets him in. The wife comes downstairs after tending to thier new baby,
sees this weird guy standing in her house with her little boy, and
justifiably freaked out. She ordered the assessor out of the house and
refused to let him back in.

When they got their pay 2011 statement, even in this market, with no changes
to the home, the assessed value increased $200,000!

The homeowner called the assessor, who could provide no comparable sales to
justify the $200,000 increase. The assessor said he cannot adjust the value
without inspecting the home. The homeowner doesn't want this "whack job
green assessor" anywhere near his young family. So he called me.

I don't have the expertise for this historic neighborhood. So I'm engaging
another appraiser to value the house. And I'll navigate the process with the
wacko's supervisor to help out this family.

Another homeowner I spoke to this week has a really nice assessor, as most
are. And the assessor admitted she set the values by "throwing a dart at the

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